Painting rubber-metal Machining soluzionatura and adhesion. Application of adhesives for rubber-metal and rubber-plastic attachment.
Vibration dampers and gaskets in rubber-metal Soluzionatura third parties

SOLUZIONATURA: soluzionatura totale

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Spraying plant with anthropomorphic robot. With this system we guarantee an absolute repeatability of the painting cycle. Adaptable to any types of items.

Spraying system using a rotary table (carousel).

Manual spraying plant.

We perform these operations (manual or with Robot) in pressurized water-filled cabins. This technology allows us to intake solvent emissions, retain solid particles and emit uncontaminated air to the outside. To protect the environment, we also have the possibility to use adhesives of a new water-based technology, which guarantees the same adhesions of those obtained with solvent-based adhesives.

The result in terms of adherence is influenced not only by an excellent preparation of the surface, but also by the thickness of the adhesive applied, which is constantly monitored by a professional device.