Machining on sealing rings, oil seals, valves and rubber-metal components, rubber-metal technical items, rubber-metal washers, rubber-metal shock absorbers, rubber-metal cages and more …

PAINTING: anti-vibration

Eurosmalt HQ  specializes in the application of adhesives for the Rubber- Metal and Rubber-Plastic parties c/third.

The application of adhesives (or bonding agents) allows the rubber, during molding, to adhere perfectly to the metal or plastic. Thing very important is the preparation of the surface to be adapted: the detail must be be degreased and, where required, sandblasted.

Then the adhesives (Primer and Cover) are applied according to the to the type of rubber compound that will be vulcanized by the customer.

Inside we carry out the degreasing, blasting and solution, while the phosphation service we perform externally.

In 2020 we introduced a customized management software that monitors the entire production, optimizing the process in terms of quality and efficiency, ensuring the traceability over time of each order.

Each workmanship, at the customer’s request, is accompanied by the quality certificate.